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Driv3r is a driving game for the PlayStation 2 and is rated 16 + but is suitable for 7 +, 12 +, 16+ and 18+. This game includes: Violence, Bad Language (young children, BEWARE!), Fear, Sexual Content, Drugs and Discrimination.



  • Directional buttons: Move hilight
  • X button: Accept
  • Triangle button: Back


  • Left analog stick: Steering
  • Left/right directional buttons: Steering
  • Right analog stick up / down: Accelerate, Break and Reverse
  • X Button: Accelerate
  • [] Button: Brake, Reverse
  • Triangle Button: Handbrake
  • () Button: Burnout
  • L1 Button: Enter/Exit vehicle
  • R1 Button: Horn, Fire Weapon (when applicable)
  • L2 Button: Look Left
  • R2 Button: Look Right
  • L1 + R1 Button: Thrill Cam
  • L2 + R2 Button: Rear View
  • Select Button: Change View
  • Start Button:Pause Menu


  • Left/Right analog stick and directionalbuttons: Walk
  • Right analog stick: Look/Aim
  • X Button: Jump
  • [] Button: Toggle weapons
  • Triangle Button: Holster/ Draw Weapon
  • Circle Button: Reload
  • L1 button: Enter/Exit vehicle + Action
  • R1 button: Fire Weapon
  • L2 button: Crouch/Roll
  • Select button: Change View
  • Start button: Pause Menu

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