(Please note: Most of the text on this page comes from Wikipedia's editing policy, located here. Anything that's not specified here should be assumed to be the same as Wikipedia policy.)

Game Source Wiki is the product of dedicated editors contributions, each bringing something different to the table: researching skills, technical expertise, writing prowess, tidbits of information, or, most importantly, a willingness to help. Even the best review should not be considered complete; each new editor offers new insights about how to further enhance our content.

Adding information to Game Source Wiki

Editors are encouraged to add information to Game Source Wiki, either by creating new reviews or by adding information to existing reviews. However, it is Game Source Wiki policy that information on Game Source Wiki needs to be verifiable and must be of a similar quality to other review and game information sites. MATERIAL IS NOT TO BE COPIED AND PASTED FROM OTHER REVIEW AND GAME INFO SITES!!! Anything that is found to be copied and pasted can and will be removed immediately to avoid copyright issues. Any edit that contains vandalism or patent nonsense will also be reverted.

Game Source Wiki is a work in progress: perfection is not required

Perfection is not required: Game Source Wiki is a work in progress. Collaborative editing means that incomplete or poorly written first drafts can evolve over time into excellent pages. Even poor pages, if they can be improved, are welcome. For instance, one person may start an article with an overview of a subject or a few random facts. Another may help standardize the article's formatting, or have additional facts and figures or a graphic to add. Yet another may bring better balance to the views represented in the article. At any point during this process, the article may become disorganized or contain substandard writing.

Talking and editing

Be bold: edit

Be bold in updating pages, especially for minor changes and fixing problems. Previous authors do not need to be consulted before making changes – nobody owns articles. If you see a problem that you can fix, do so. Discussion is, however, called for if someone indicates disagreement with your edit (either by reverting your edit and/or raising an issue on the talk page). A BOLD, revert, discuss cycle can sometimes help move forward an unproductive discussion. However, boldness should not mean trying to impose edits against existing consensus. Please do not edit war over changes.

Be helpful: explain

Be helpful: explain your changes. When you edit an page, the more radical or controversial the change, the greater the need to explain it. For smaller changes, use an appropriate edit summary. For larger or more significant changes, the edit summary may not give you enough space to explain the edit – in this case leave a note on the article's talk page. Remember too that notes on the talk page are more visible, make misunderstandings less likely and encourage discussion rather than edit warring.

If you think a page simply needs to be rewritten or changed substantially, you can just go ahead and do that. Preserve any old contents you think might have some discussion value on the talk page, along with a comment about why you made the change. (For larger changes, it may be more convenient to use the page history to find the URL of the old version before your changes, and provide a link to this on the article talk page.)

Be cautious with major changes: discuss

Be cautious with major changes: consider discussing them first. With large proposed deletions or replacements, it may be best to suggest changes in a discussion, to prevent edit warring and disillusioning either other editors or yourself (if your hard work is rejected by others). One person's improvement is another's desecration, and nobody likes to see their work "destroyed" without prior notice. If you choose to be very bold, take extra care to justify your changes in detail on the article talk page. This will make it less likely that editors will end up reverting the article back and forth between their preferred versions.

But: Game Source Wiki is not a discussion forum

Whether you decide to edit very boldly or discuss carefully on the talk page first, please bear in mind that Game Source Wiki is not a discussion forum. We have forums here at Game Source Wiki, they can be used for general discussion.

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