Welcome to the review for NCAA Football 10 for the PSP.


The gameplay itself is very good and smooth and the graphics are very good for the system. The first time playing, you'll create a profile and select your favorite team. After this you're taken to the main screen and have the options typically featured on the NCAA franchise. At this point, I started to name the rosters through the auto-name feature and my own hard work, this is totally optional though. Once you do all this, you can begin playing! Go to "Play Now" and select your team of choice. By default, your favorite team is the home team and the away is their arch-rival. You can use them or select other teams.


The dynasty mode is a favorite of many players and for good reason. The dynasty mode is very deep (30 years) and filled with stuff to run your school's team. At first, you can customize the non-con schedule (to make it as easy or tough as you like), red-shirt players. After doing pre-season recruiting, you can start the season! The gameplay here is the same as "Play Now".

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